Spares for Mirae Pick & Places

Mirae Spare Parts

Spare parts listing for Mirae Pick & Place:

Picture Part # Description Fits
  1030 Air & SMEMA Panel Mirae 1030
  1030 Circuit Breaker Mirae 1030
  1030 Laser Mirae 1030
  1030 Limit & X Home Sensor Mirae 1030
  1030 Solenoid Valve Stack Mirae 1030
  1030 TFU Amplifiers Mirae 1030
  1030 X Motor Mirae 1030
  1030 X Pulley Assembly Mirae 1030
  1030 X & Y Encoder Amplifiers Mirae 1030
  1030 X & Y Encoders Mirae 1030
  1030 X & Y Motor Control Cables Mirae 1030

  1030 Y Belt, Clamp & Idler Mirae 1030
  1030 Y Limit Sensors Mirae 1030
  1030 Y Motor Mirae 1030
  1030 Y Pulley Assembly Mirae 1030
  1030P Encoder Cables Mirae 1030P

  1030P Main Gantry Harness Mirae 1030P

  1030P Modular Camera Mirae 1030P
  1030P Modular Head Mirae 1030P

  1030P Power Box Mirae 1030P

  1030P VME Rack w/TFU Motion Controllers Mirae 1030P

  1030P X, Y, Z, W, PW, PZ Amplifiers Mirae 1030P
  8 Head VCS PCB Mirae Pick & Place
  Cable Assembly / Harness Mirae Pick & Place
  Conveyor PCB Mirae Pick & Place

  CSP Camera Mirae Pick & Place
  Interlock Switches Mirae Pick & Place

  Modular Head, Down Camera Mirae Pick & Place
  NX12 I/O Mirae Pick & Place
  NX22 I/O Mirae Pick & Place
  P Head Limit Sensors Mirae Pick & Place
  Pisco Head Solenoid Valves Mirae Pick & Place

  Precision Head Mirae Pick & Place

  QFP Camera Mirae Pick & Place
  Meridian Feeder Base Power Cable Mirae Pick & Place
  RS Conveyor Extension Mirae Pick & Place
  RS232 Converter Mirae Pick & Place
  Transport Sensors Mirae Pick & Place


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